Sourcing Xantia HA2 electrovalve ?
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    Default Sourcing Xantia HA2 electrovalve ?

    Hi All,

    Has anyone ever tried to source an electrovalve (solenoid) for the Hydractive 2 system in a Xantia, new or second hand ? I'm refering to just the bit on the side which the plug connects to, not the entire unit.

    The front one in mine has internal leakage which is causing the regulator to cycle every 12 seconds. I've already had it out (in fact the whole hydractive regulator unit) and given it a thorough clean and it was a lot better for a while but now it is leaking faster than ever.

    From talking to a couple of people in the UK it seems that you can't get the electovalve apart to clean it properly without a 50/50 chance of snapping it in the process. Presumably it has loctite holding it together.

    My usual supplier of second hand parts has come up empty for electrovalves... any ideas ?

    No doubt in NZ the new price would be extremely expensive and take weeks to arrive, assuming its even available at all. (I eventually gave up trying to get a height corrector plastic link from them after weeks of no action, and asked someone in the UK to buy a couple over the counter, and post them to me )

    Do you guys in Aus fair any better with the official agents/parts suppliers ?


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    No; save yourself the agony and get one of the UK guys to send one over.
    Out here, most wreckers wouldn't even know what you're talking about.
    Best chance here before you try over there would be Martin Bray at Clarendon in South Australia. If Martin can't help, keep going to good old blighty.

    Alan S
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