CX25PallasIE Stalling in 'D' drive
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    Default CX25PallasIE Stalling in 'D' drive

    Well I have got over the car stopping when going around left hand corners.
    My daughter has the car and after the battery sliding episode, it starts OK in 'P' and reverses OK, but when you put it in 'D' it stalls.
    I have fitted a new battery and have managed to drive it up the street a few times, but it does a lot of shunting and jumping as the ignition cuts in and out.
    Anything behind 'N' it does this. Any suggestions on this one? Cheers!


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    It sounds like a wiring connector problem to me. An engine doesn't know what gear the car is in ... However as the motor moves back in it's mountings you may be flexing a wiring connections causing the motor to cut out.

    If it was me I'd be trying all connectors aroudn the engine bay (check, clean and reconnect as you go). If all else fails with the engine idling work your way around the engine bay and gently move/shake each wiring harness/connector as you go. No doubt you'll suddenly find the engine cutts out.

    So try:

    --Hoses from the inlet manifold to the AFM
    --Connectors upto the coils
    --connectors upto the temp sender
    --connectors upto the flywheels senders
    --what did you last touch ... That's the place to start from !!

    good luck !
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    I would like to know how the car runs just sitting on the flat in neutral with handbrake on but gradually building up the revs? does it run smoothly as the revs increase or does it cough and stall?

    Secondly have you checked the automatic transmission fluid level - it may be really low on T/M fluid.

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