CitroŽn 2CV appreciation in USA
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    Default CitroŽn 2CV appreciation in USA

    Found this article and considering the current state of the auto market in USA at the moment (last 30yrs ) is quite ironic. They just dont get it at all.
    Ideal for fun and fuel efficiency, hills and freeways excluded.
    Turkey cars: Great pictures of un-great cars.
    CitroŽn 2CV
    A radical design for its day, the CitroŽn 2CV (or "deux chevaux" -- literally French for "two horses") was launched in 1949 and intended to provide reasonably priced transport to rural French men. Built to operate under the most adverse conditions with the minimum of maintenance, the 2CV was famously fuel efficient and so became the transport of choice for the Green movement. It was discontinued in 1990.

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    Before I owned one I didn't see what the fuss was about.
    That view has changed !

    I just voted for the Hummer.

    Which car is the biggest turkey? * 138976 responses
    Citroen 2CV 5%
    Chevrolet Vega (1970-74) 9%
    Ford Pinto (1971-80) 13%
    Yugo GV (1981-91) 7%
    Pontiac Aztek 22%
    Hummer H2 12%
    Honda Element 5%
    JiangLing Landwind 4x4 4%
    Toyota Scion XB 13%

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