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    Default BX write up on UK T/V site

    A recent article about the BX which is a cheap mode of transport over there given car resales as they are in the UK.


    This is channel 4 which seem to have a bit of a softer spot than most media for the BX and a few years back they did an article on the BX16V and made the statement that there were still many mint examples for the keen UK buyer to grab if they searched hard enough, followed by a pic of an example of just what was around and guess what???????

    They used MY car as the example. Shortly afterwards, I received an e-mail from a guy in Sweden asking me if I'd sell it. He's managed to chase the pic off the 'net down, but didn't realise I was "down under."
    I was informed by one of the guys on the BX16V fiorum who saw the article and recognised the car. Amazing the research that some people can put in when something like this pops up. Be an interesting exercise now to see what effect if any this article has on preices on eBay UK.

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    I love this picture. Very 80's.
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