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    Default CX turbo wheels

    I've just placed an enquiry with a custom wheel maker in Northern Ireland, to see about having a set of exact replica wheels made for my car, but in
    16 inch size, instead of the standard 390 metric size.
    With the 390, you only have the choice of 3 tyre makers, Michelin, Dunlop, or Good Year. The Michelins, cost AU$500 EACH
    So, by the time you add VAT, (GST) that's £1000, or nearly AU$2500, for the whole car.
    For the same money, (I hope) I could have a set of wheels made, which will look original, but I could then choose tyres at half the price, and on a CX, which is heavy on front tyres, that's important!
    I'll let you know how I get on. I expect ACHRIVAL will be interested to know aswell.
    john s

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    Very interested you didnít mention Avon I've got metric turbo speeds 225- 390- 55 's on the beast at the moment courtesy of the previous owner and they seem to handle okay. Iím looking at a set of Alfa spider 6 1/2 16's (~$1000A for 5 never used ) they look quite sexy but a bit too open for the CX but that could be a bit silly with the number of cars that I have to keep the oil flowing in
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