Clarkson on the C4
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    Default Clarkson on the C4

    I don't know if this has been posted before but it was an interesting read - he's positive for once.


    Was at zagame on church st a few weeks ago and saw the c4 vts.
    very nice indeed. makes the 307 look so bland in comparison
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    Now I know who Jeremy Clarkson is! I've seen so many quotes here in peoples sigs that I was going to do a search on him. No need now.

    Bloody funny article though. Nice car, too.

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    Our jeremy is not your ordinary motoring journo!
    He's done all sorts of things, He's a presenter on Top Gear, He writes a motoring column in one of Rupert Murdock's rags, He's had his own chat show, (which was very funny in a blokey kind of way. One of the funniest moments, was when he asks those difficult questions we all want to know, but couldn't be bothered to ask. Such as "what happens when you put an egg still in its shell in the microwave, with some cutlery?" )
    He tries to do everything in an off beat way, which is why I like him so much.
    Once you have heard one journo say "this car will do 0-100 blah blah blah " you've heard them all.
    Jeremy likes to be different by pointing out the differences between a toyota corolla, and a fridge freezer.....not much!! john s
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