Hi again, full of questions today.

I've just purchased a second BX on ebay for $200. It is an '86 16TRS auto, same as mine except for being an '85. It was advertised simply as 'Citroen BX parts' for anyone who may have noticed it. It has a blown engine (cracked block) but otherwise appears to be in good nick, at least the parts that work will replace the parts that don't on my present car so I should end up with one nice car.

In all, it sounds to be in better condition overall besides the engine so which one ends up being the donor is still up in the air. It lives on the south eastern NSW coast so I'll be making the 1600km return trek to collect it in a couple of weeks.

My current car has just started leaking oil from the head gasket (just after spending $1500 on it ) and also has a broken exhaust stud so the head needs to come off to repair.

Now, I have some choices.

1 - I can take the head off the blown engine, get it reconditioned and then use it to replace the head on my current car.
2 -As for 1 but also move the good engine into the new car.
3 - Get a another (reconditioned) engine entirely and put it into the car I decide to keep.

Point 3 opens the possibility of getting a 1.9l engine, or is this too complicated? From what I've researched the 1.9 is a stroked 1.6, or is it more than that? Apart from the oil leak my current engine seems OK, no smoke, vibrations or noises from the bottom end, so it will be a while yet before a full rebuild becomes necessary.

However, a bit more poke up steep hills would be nice but otherwise I'm happy with the 1.6. It runs on the whiff of an oily rag ($70 worth of 95ron gets me from Melbourne to Adelaide.)

Choice 1 is obviously the easiest and I won't have to bother with getting RWC as it's already registered but, who said life was mean't to be easy?


I'd appreaciate whatever wisdom anyone has to offer.