For all c-matic owners who have been putting off servicing their c-matic boxes, here's a bit of news.
As you have no doubt been told, Total "T" is now keeping the dinosauers company; other companies were supposedly making a similar product which I have suspicions were companies doing the same as they have with LHM (buy in bulk from BP and then rebottle it) as some of the same companies who were selling LHM were also selling the "T" equivalent. These supplies have or at least soon will dry up.
As I have just had the guts out of my c-matic and didn't relly know what was in it, but I suspect "T" from the day it left the factory judging on colour and composition, I made heaps of enquiries both here and overseas. I contacted reputable repairers, oil companies and oil blenders as well as owners and enthusiasts.
The final result was that there was the greatest concensus that Castrol TQF was the best option. I have it in my box now and although I shouldn't speak too soon, so far it seems absolutely brilliant. I did a fair bit of other work on the car whilst I had the box down and so far I have noticed, smooth quick changes, no slip, fuel consumption improved out of sight (17.5l/100klm - 11l/100klm) quiet operation and no noticeasble difference between engaging gears hot or cold. Now I don't know how much of this can be attributed to the oil but very little of the other work I did on the car should have affected these parts of the operation.
As a bonus, SuperCheap had a sale on and I bought 4 litres for $14; I doubt that you could buy 1 litre of "T" these days for that even if you could find it.
FWIW. Castrol weren't the only oil company that recommended Castrol TQF which speaks for itself. I would suggest that if you have a sticky c-matic that you give this a try as I'm sure you'll be impressed by the results -


Alan S