C6 in Euroncap = 5 stars
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    Default C6 in Euroncap = 5 stars

    Overall score 34 points (88% frontal @ 64 km/h, side impact 94% @ 50km/h)
    Higest ever pedestrian rating.

    Safer than a Saab 9-5, Mercedes E, BMW 5, Audi A6

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    World first for Citroen C6

    The new Citroen C6 executive saloon has today become the very first car in the world to be awarded a maximum 4 star Euro NCAP pedestrian safety rating, as well as a maximum 5 stars for occupant protection, making it arguably the safest car on the road.

    Todayís decision by Euro NCAP to announce the highest combination of pedestrian, occupant and child (4 stars) protection for the Citroen C6 is largely thanks to the debut of a life-saving Active Bonnet system.

    During an accident, the lack of space between the bonnet and the engine increases the likelihood of a serious head injury for the pedestrian. In the C6, intelligent software automatically raises the bonnet by 65mm in the event of an accident to provide previously unavailable impact absorbing space. The whole process takes less than 0.04 second.

    The Active Bonnet is just one part of an exceptional safety package, which also offers nine airbags, active head restraints and ESP with traction control as standard. Further safety features include a Head-Up Display, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times, a Lane Departure Warning System and xenon directional headlamps.

    This Euro NCAP Ďfirstí for the C6 is the latest in a whole stream of major safety advancements for Citroen. The C2 and C3 were among the very highest scoring cars in their class when tested and the C4 was one of the first two cars ever to achieve 3 stars for pedestrian safety. The Citroen C5 is the highest scoring car in its sector, boasting an unbeaten 36 out of 37 safety points, whilst the C8 was the first MPV to achieve a 5 star occupant protection rating.

    Managing Director of Citroen UK Ltd, Xavier Duchemin, said: "These excellent results for the stunning new C6 further underline our commitment to safety - a fundamental value which is playing an increasingly important role in todayís Citroens."

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    Hopefully the active bonet wont suffer from the usual Citroen electrical gremlins and decide to open in your face while you're doing 100Km/hr

    Is anyone else scared by the amount of control computers have on modern cars and the reliance placed on them ? I am, and I work in computers


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandrake
    Hopefully the active bonet wont suffer from the usual Citroen electrical gremlins and decide to open in your face while you're doing 100Km/hr
    Yeah, it might scare you but it is not fatal since it only rises 6,5cm or 65mm from rear end you can still see over it unless you are midget

    Usually those safety systems are extremely reliable. There is no money saved in testing them. Worlds leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus builds airplanes in France and they are very reliable.

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    Its a great looking car even when its smashed up. That star rating will give some families comfort.

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