We left Rye Vic with 20375k on the clock and returned to Rye with 28098k, total distance recorded was 7723 k used 476.59 ltrs of fuel, went via ferry to Queenscliff then to Adeliade and stayed the night at Pt Perie, Nunderoo.overnight, (what a dump)and then direct to Esperance, and stayed for 2 nights. then on to Albany, Perth was booked out because of Ralle Australia so we decided to stay in Albany for another couple of nights, and started our way back return was Albany to Norseman, Norseman to Nullabour, stayed O/Night, another Dump with 1.1/2 star rating, not much better than Nundaroo with a 1 star rating, Weather wise it was absolute crap, became fog boundin parts across the Nullabour, with heavy cloud cover the whole time. However all went well with the C3 EXCEPT for one heart stopping moment, comming into ballarat on the freeway and doing the posted speed 110kph, the engine stopped alarm bells sounded the Engine management light came on, just befor that there was a loud thump like noise, within a couple of seconds, and before I had time to throw the clutch in, everything went back to normal, and its still running ok. we carried 20 ltrs of water, 5 ltrs Mobil No1 oil, and some food, clothing etc, across the nullabour the rev counter in 5th gear was constantly at 3500/3750, and passing the odd truckwell over 4000rpm, needless to say not many vehicles passed us, over the CB comments ranged from C***** what was that,to there are some weird cars about., and some dickhead in a 4 wheel drive Nord Mc plorer, did not like me overtaking him, took the chance and did so going well past 130kph, only sometime later was seen at the road side with a blown tyre, and what appeared to be some panel damage to the drivers side rear, I am not sure what happened, I did not stop to offer any help as another 4x4 ute was assisting. all the time and distance traveled across the Nullabour, only (1) Police car was noted, needless to say that idiot in the Nord4x4 that over took me, did so showering the C3 in gravel and road dust and was well over in the soft stuff on the opposite side of the road, as a result I have some minor stone chips, and a couple of marks on the windscreen, no other problems were encountered, except for that Ballarat issue, any one with any idea what caused the engine to cut out?, the fuel consuption was fantastic to say the least, given the speed and conditions.