Finally, Ferrari to learn how to make cars!
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    Default Finally, Ferrari to learn how to make cars!

    I got this from the CCC UK site. Should be interesting! john s

    ... next time the local flash rich bloke starts bragging about his new toy...

    Ferrari have announced a new Chief Designer.

    What's that got to do with the CCC, then?

    Simple - Donato Coca has been at Citroen since 1983, working his way up the ranks...

    Coming soon - a limited edition Pluriel with a 5-litre V12?

    Ferrari PR wrote:
    For immediate release
    3 November 2005


    Maranello, 3 November 2005 Ė Starting from 14 November, Donato Coco will become Ferrariís new Chief Designer, replacing Frank Stephensonís position, now Head of the Fiat, Lancia and Light Commercial Vehicles styling centre.

    Cocoís role will be to lead design coordination and strategy and to stimulate and address Ferrari partnersí creativity that, as far as styling is concerned, has Pininfarina as a historical point of reference.

    Donato Coco was born in Italy, but he soon moved abroad. His studies in architecture in BesanÁon (France) and Automotive Design in London, led him to an international career.

    In 1983, Coco won a design contest and he joined CitroŽn where he signed key style projects for the French firm.

    Returning now to Italy, at Ferrari in Maranello, he joins the GT team, led by Deputy General Manager Amedeo Felisa.


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    CitroŽn's Coco Moves to Head Ferrari Design Team

    MILAN, Italy ó Ferrari has appointed Donato Coco as its new design chief, filling the vacancy created when Frank Stephenson was promoted to head the styling team at Fiat Auto.

    It's a major change, of course, for Coco. He previously was in charge of designing mass-market CitroŽns for French auto group PSA Peugeot-CitroŽn; his designs include the small C2, C3 and Pluriel models.

    Coco takes up his new post on November 14. "Coco will have the job of stimulating and directing the creativity of Ferrari's partners, which in terms of styling include our historic partnership with Pininfarina," Ferrari said in a statement. Pininfarina, of course, has designed such Ferraris as the current 612 Scaglietti and 360 Modena.

    Donato Coco was born in Italy but studied architecture in France and automotive design in London. In 1983, he won a design contest and joined CitroŽn.

    What this means to you: Choosing a new Ferrari designer is like choosing a new pope ó and, to Italians and the Ferrari faithful, the job carries about the same level of responsibility!

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    Oh well, that's the end of Ferrari then - an ex French car designer working on cars with Italian electrics and rust
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