I have made a one hour video DVD of the Jubilé celebrations in Paris and St Quentin en Yvelines, featuring the Aussie contingent.
It will play on computers with Media Player type software but is intended for viewing on a TV or projector. It is edited from digital video and photo material.
This is not a commercial venture but I am happy to send copies to Australian Club members. Just mail me a cheque for
A$15 to cover the production costs and airmail and I will post by return.

For those who do not want to keep a copy, UFO has an preliminary version for the NSW Club library, which if he ever has time, he might copy.

He also has a DVD with our view of the drive-past in a lower quality, which allowed me to squeeze the two and a half hours that 1,600 DS took to pass the Place Alma, on one disc.


The DVD above has the last twenty minutes of the passing DS's but in high quality.

This is your only chance, as I shall not be around for the 100th Anniversary.

Gerry Freed
23 Avenue Franck Cazenave
Andernos les Bains
France 33510