For a few years there's been a website/forum for the BX16V over in the UK that has progressively grown until it's hit the stage of almost outgrowing itself.
Like a lot of sites where Mi16/BX16Vs are involved, it had a fair number of what were referred to as "cannibals" who grabbed and disembowelled quite a few until it reached the stage of having predominantly true 16V enthusiasts left.
As with any group, there are always a few who feel that things could be better and so began doing their own thing with other websites, so following a recent discusson on the future of the board it was decided to incorporate the lot under one banner and to interlink them such as we have between aussiefrogs and the club forums and sites, so for anyone who is looking for a resource on 16Vs it can now all be found here:

Check out via the links as there's heaps of some great stuff in there from all quarters.


Alan S