NZ goldmine of used Cits!
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    Default NZ goldmine of used Cits!

    Here is a link for a very good selection of used Cits from NZ at :
    I cant believe how cheap those XM's are!


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    That is amazing!! Under $4000 for that xm - (and is that NZ or AU dollars???)
    They seem to have got a lot more different models then we ever did, like the Picasso and ZX. I like that BX turbo diesel too, I think the full disc alloys look great. Anyone know someone that owns a tanker??

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    Yep - no car industry in NZ means no car industry protection tariffs. Lots to choose from over there.
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    parallel 43į south


    Might be easier just to move there I recon
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    Default Be warned!!

    Having lived in NZ I have a few words of warning about buying cars in the land of the long white cloud. Import tarifs on cars were completely removed in 1986. That started a flood of used cars coming in to the country from mainly Japan then Britain. Second hand car dealers would travel to japan load up a car transporting ship with second hand cars and bring them to NZ.Then dump then on the market. Ever seen a factory Toyota Corolla diesel! My brother drives one. It goes without saying that not all car dealers are trust worthy. Some got caught winding back the odometers on their imports. Government response was,"buyer beware". As well as the 2nd hand Japanese cars from japan, they imported 2nd hand European cars from Japan.Just like the rest of the world the Japanese like European cars too. Most people including dealers will tell you if the car was "NZ new" meaning it isn't a second hand imort.However these cars command higher prices. NZ has extremely strict RWC laws so cars with what we see as economical to repair problems, go to the car crushers in NZ. The main problem being rust. NZ is a maritime climate,lots of salty sea air. Cars rust more readily. Basically its cheaper to buy a second hand car than to weld new metal into rusty cars because by law you can't bog up rust holes. However NZ is a car buyers heaven. Apart from the Amercan tanks NZ has dealers selling nearly all the current European manufacturers product, Citroen,Renault,Puegeot,Opel,Fiat,Lancia and all the germans. I was there for a holiday last year and got a sore neck from trying to catch another view of an unidentified car that had just zipped past us. Gave up in the end as there were too many cars I'd never seen before. There is also a bigger range of models in NZ. They like variety and they like medium sized euro gear. I have another brother with a BX19TRD. Top car and quick. No where near as many Falcobores there as there are here. Australians have been fed a diet of medioce Falcobores for so long they know nothing else. Its interesting however when Aussies own something better they stick with it. How many of the AFers have owned or do own more than one frog mobile. We all know its a better way to travel!

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    Cheap XMs? Someone my parents (in NZ) know got one for $500 at auction, in reasonable running order.

    The irony is that new European cars are quite a bit cheaper in Oz. Dad took home a newspaper from here to show people what the prices of new Citroens were like.

    Frankly I think second-hand cars are too expensive here, especially up-market ones like the XM. Some of them are getting on to 15 years old, and they still go for $20 000

    GS 1220 break. Beige cars go faster

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