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    Default A sideways compliment

    Yesterday's Courier Mail ( the biggest Queensland newspaper ) had a whole page article about the rise of the local BMW head honcho.....with business connections with Citroen and Saab distribution....
    QUOTE : " Last year we sold 900 new BMWs and 800 used ones , plus 120-odd Minis. Our target for the next financial year is for 2200 cars out of this site.We've also got Saab and Citroen as part of our group but theyt're struggling franchises"
    "Citroen - their product is better than their brand to be honest. A nice car but it is hard for me because I've got BMW blood in my veins".
    He acknowledges that BMW was not always seen as a desirable brand here but says it all started to change in Australia in 1987".


    A couple of thoughts: Hopefully the good quality product he describes can become a more household name, but it is an admission too that reputation counts in the marketplace...and the way to improve that is...CUSTOMER SERVICE....often lamentable according to the contributors here.

    One has to wonder how "co operative" the factory support has to be to make it happen.....a real chain of command situation.....

    My cousin would describe their 2 BMWs as "the brand is better than the product"...and the family joke uses the term "BMTroubleU".... as their was minimal interest and support offered on overseas purchased BMs.

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    Well maybe; but my experience with previous-generation Citroens has been the opposite;
    reliability/faults 3/10
    service and support 9/10
    That's what so frustrated me; I knew if I had problems they would each be fixed with a smile, just wished I didn't have to keep going back again and again and again.
    Clearly it is different now, but because of relatively appalling depreciation and resale, and the sheer ugliness/dullness of the C5 (personal taste I know) I have not had the proof of the pudding.
    And if I was the only one, they wouldn't have this perception in the first place .

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