Would dealers here do the same? :D
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    Default Would dealers here do the same? :D

    Driver lost faith in car Oct 2 2005
    By The Sunday Sun

    A new car has been taken back by the dealership after just five months because its driver lost faith.

    Kerry Douthwaite, of South Shields, South Tyneside, bought the Citroen C2 in April but repeatedly complained about an intermittent fault.


    She said: "It lost power when changing from first to second gear just after turning the engine on. This happened mostly first thing in the morning but has also occurred at junctions.

    "The car was in and out of the garage more times than I would have expected."

    I spoke to the dealers, Town Centre Citroen, of Sunderland, who agreed to buy the car back.

    Dealer principal Philip Smith said: "We had the car in for a long test-drive but were unable to get the fault `on'. The customer has lost faith in the car so we have decided to buy it back."

    Kerry said she was glad to get rid of the car.

    For some reason, i doubt it
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    Good of the dealer to buy it back, but sadly I don't think they'll get any hugely wonderful PR boost out of it.

    Rather, a lot of people will think somewhat more poorly of the Citroen C2.

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    A succint example of a lose - lose situation.

    or a lose - lose - lose - lose situation.

    shit, everyone loses.

    ed ge

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