Hmm... does this work? Or not?
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    Default Hmm... does this work? Or not?


    In standard form, the Citroen C4 2.0 produces 103 kW, however the addition of a PowerchipGold 98 will increase the power to 115 kW. In addition to the extra power, the torque is also increased. The C4 2.0 produces 200 Nm standard, and this is increased to 224 Nm. This means more pulling power especially up hills.

    Your car contains the latest technology ECU that can be re-programmed through the on-board diagnostic port (OBD-II). Specialised software interfaces with your vehicle`s engine management system to extract the electronic code via serial download. Once the information has been read, Powerchip technicians apply the performance changes and upload the performance program back through the OBD-II port. Installation can be performed by the end user with the serial programming kit or by any Authorized Powerchip Installation Center and takes approximately 2 hour's to complete.

    More info here:

    Now that's a considerable increase..... I think it's worth a try.


    I might try it on the Xsara first, since it's out of warranty.

    What do you guys think of this outfit?
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    Have a look how many other production based engine produce close to 224nm, and I think you will have your answer.

    These people make their money of manipulating figures, and preying on gullible customers.

    By all means try it though, let us know what you think.

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    I'm with Brenno on this too, I've always been skeptical of such magic little 'Chips".... sure it may increase power but how lean and close to detonation are they pushing the engine?
    If the company let you do a back to back same day Dyno comparison then maybe id would be worth it. - Chris

    ps, but it will make you go faster, you will have a wallet that much lighter....
    ... ptui!

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    My boss where i used to work during my uni days had a Volvo V70R (the all wheel drive turbo 5 cylinder job) and he swore by the Powerchip he had. Did mega miles in it without trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHRI'S16
    ps, but it will make you go faster, you will have a wallet that much lighter....
    but won't you also loose any software changes they make to your ecu next time you go in for a service??
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