Hi Folks,

there are apparently rumours afoot about a further refinement of the C6 due in 2007 - apparently the C6 Super (though who knows what the name would be....)

There is talk of developments in the engine and suspension space.... no further details...

Other rumours that might be associated (by tangentially thinking crazies like me... )

1) Diesel Electric Hybrid - Folz has confirmed that this technology is under development
2) V8 HDi - being worked on by Ford/Rover/Jaguar - could this fit under the bonnet of a C6?
3) Variable compression petrol engine (another interesting rumour.... Petrol with diesel like economy...) - perhaps even with electric hybrid?
4) New development in Hydractive Suspension (more advanced roll/sway control?)

There was once the SM, then the CX-Turbo, what will be the C6 equivalent I wonder??? - and releasing it a year after the Mainstream model would make sense....

Bye for now


David Laloum