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    Default BX 19 TZX Problems

    Hi All,
    I wonder if I may pick your collective brains re my BX 19 TZX Auto.
    Problem one is the auto transmission shifts very heavily back from third to second. It has also just recently started to delay the up change as well. Bands? Downshift Cable, Crappy seals?
    The next one is the air conditioning. The car is a Thai locally assembled unit and appears to have a heater/air con system unlike anything discribed in the Haynes workshop manual. The heater doesn't exist and the blower motor is located in the centre of the inside of the car behind the centre console gainst the firewall. The blower motor puffs a mild gust of air insufficient to make a significant difference to the inside temp. Any suggestions?
    The final problem is that the car feels gutless. It may be that I am used to my Saab 900 turbo but the Citroen seems to take forever to get to 120kmh and doesn't have much after that. I have had the injectors cleaned, the timing done and what the garage like to call a tune up but to no avail. It also uses petrol at a great rate. Any suggestions


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    G'day mate, welcome to aussiefrogs.

    The transmission symptoms sound a bit like this.

    Citroen BX autos/ZF Autos: Why do they fail?

    It seems worldwide this has happened but more in some countries than others. Doesn't happen much in the UK, but does happen; same symptoms, same end result.

    The fan system may be an after market affair and if so, check on the number of fans that are fitted.
    On the factory set up there are fans at both sides of the firewall (left and right hand sides).
    Fuel consumption is something else that is a bit difficult as we didn't get the TZX in Australia so I'm not sure the system you have, but fuel consumption is usually fouled up due to faulty engine temp sensor which is telling the engine it's running cold when it isn't, lambda sensor telling the engine it's running lean and trying to richen it up or crank angle sensor throwing all the timing out.
    Probaly need to drag the fault codes out of the ECU to narrow the field down.
    Hopefully this will be some help for you.

    Citroen BX TZi ECU diagnostic codes

    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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