C-matic transmission hose split
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    Default C-matic transmission hose split

    Today had the experience of a CX C-matic hose splitting - one of the hoses to the oil cooler - could see the trail leading into the work carpark! The NRMA towed me home - and i have found a hose to replace it with. The oil really pours out under pressure not surprisingly.
    I plan to replace all of those hoses with something of high quality thta will last and of course fit over the nipple connectors? Any ideas from anyone much appreciated - thought i might go to Pirtek.


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    I was sold this for mine and it worked well once I figured out how to make it fit as shown.


    That hose is used on many kinds of commercial and industrial applications including marine use on trawlers operating off the Continental Shelf. My logic was if these guys will risk life and limb way out there where if the weather turns nasty they need to be 100% sure everything is kosher, they've got me.
    They pump engine oil, diesel and water thought it and it's almost indestructable. That lot lasted over 3 years and many thousands of klms and in a very hot environment and was still as good as it was when I fitted it. This I discovered by having to remove and repair the transmission cooler not long before I sold the car.

    Hope that helps;it's not a cheap product, but it will save you many $$$s over Cit and Pirtek prices I can assure you.

    Alan S
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