Citroen V8 Diesel ?!?.... hybrid?
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    Default Citroen V8 Diesel ?!?.... hybrid?

    Hi Folks,

    take a look at this article :


    Apparently Ford have been working on adding 2more cylinders to the 2.7l V6 diesel developed in partnership with PSA....

    In my mind - Combine the C-Sportlounge prototype/concept car,with a V8 turbodiesel - possibly with a Hybrid electric system (latest news from PSA is that they are working on these too... although only to be produced if commercially viable...)

    Yuu would be looking at somewhere over 500Nm torque and power would certainly be in the 200kw + range..... without hybrid - then add 30kw and 100Nm from an additional electric motor.... (say 250kw / 600Nm +) - and fuel economy as well...

    Yum Yum - Finally a successor to the SM !

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    Default PSA working on Diesel Electric Hybrid

    Latest speech from J-M Folz

    He makes the point that a Petrol-Electric hybrid has no gain over a diesel engine - and that only a diesel-electric hybrid has the potential for substantive gains...

    Apologies to non-french speakers - I havn't seen a translation yet...

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    The thought of a French V8 Diesel has me salivating. Maybe I can see 1 of these engines when im in France at xmas time maybe?

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    Frankfurt, September 12, 2005
    Intervention of Jean-Martin FOLZ in front of the press

    It is a great pleasure of finding you for this go automobile living room of Frankfurt, strong moment of the European car industry.

    With Messrs Saint-Geours and Satinet, directors of the Peugeot marks and Citroen, I am happy to be able to discuss with you automobile topicality but before I propose to you to briefly reconsider the situation of group PSA Peugeot Citroen.

    You know it like me, the car crosses a difficult period today: the general economic climate in Europe, the fluctuations of the currencies, the increase in the material cost first and especially the rise in the price of oil are as many factors which make the context automobile more dubious.

    Within this framework, I will say today that PSA Peugeot Citroen is left there well, that it is a solid group and in good health, and that we are well armed to take up the new challenges which are done day. To illustrate this matter, I will develop in front of you 4 strong points:
    - a good economic and financial health
    - offer produces rich and dynamic
    - a strong potential of development out of Europe
    - a position of leader in the sparing vehicles by carburizing

    1. A good economic and financial health
    I consider that our first asset is the solidity of our economic and financial situation. Our financial results enable us to develop our strategy in all independence.

    In short here some indicators which illustrate the growth continues our group:
    -> The growth of volumes of sales continues even if the rate/rhythm is more reduced
    - In 2004, we sold 1,1 million vehicles moreover than in 1998 (2,28 3,38 million), that is to say an increase of almost 48 %.

    - In 2004, for the 10th consecutive year, the world commercial performances of the Group grew, to reach 3 375 000 sold vehicles (rise of 2,7 % over the previous year). With semi-2005, the world sales are in rise of 0,6 % and, as announced, us should know over the year a moderate growth of volumes.

    - In Western Europe, between 1998 and 2004, our share of market (VP+VUL) increased by 2,5 points (passing by 12 to 14,5 %) on the market considered as most competing of the world. The Group confirms this place of 2nd manufacturer in Western Europe with a share of market of 14,5 % over the first 8 months of the year

    - Out of this zone, the sales of the group have almost triplet since 1998 (358 500 951 000 vehicles in 2004). These sales except Western Europe continue to grow and represent with semi-2005 nearly 30 % of the total sales of the Group.

    -> The good financial health of the group is reinforced year after year
    - Did our sales turnover reach 56,8 billion EU in 2004, progression of 4,7%. Since 1998, it progressed of more than 68 % (68,2%) (33,7 56,8 billion EU).

    - Did our operating margin double since this date, passing from 1,1 to 2, 2 billion EU and the net income has almost triplet (0,5 -> 1,4 billion EU).

    - For 2005, the results of the 1st six-month period with 4,1% of operating margin, confirm to us on the trajectory which will enable us to achieve the goal from 4 to 4,5 % of operating margin consolidated for the year.

    - The group does not have any debt: we generated last year 1 248 million EU of free cash-flow, while maintaining an investment plan high near to 3 billion EU.

    Ces résultats sont le reflet d’une ambitieuse offre-produit source de nos succès passés et futurs.

    2. A rich and dynamic offer-product
    Our second strong point is our offer produced, rich, dynamic and innovating. It is in the heart of our strategy, to answer as well as possible and very quickly the evolutions of waitings of the customers.

    Here are some elements:
    - The structure of our organization <<a group, two marks>> enables us to offer two rich and complementary ranges, which meet the needs for the market well.
    - Our policy of platforms goes up in power and effectiveness. It is an essential asset which makes it possible to bring a richer offer to our customers, by mutualisant the costs between the models and also allows us to better concentrate on our capacities of innovation, style, concepts and technologies.

    Haven't goten to any mention of a Diesel yet... I'll finish translating later.

    -- DJ
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