My neighbour and I went to the 14th annual, local fathers day swap meet.

I was looking at some stuff on a table and the neighbour says to me, Oh look theres a Haynes CX workshop manual . Me thinking he was pulling my leg took no notice, till he pulled it out from under a pile of magazines and started to leaf through it . Happy to pay the $14, the bloke used to own a CX.

Anyway later on at another stall, I was looking at some Ducellier point sets when I noticed the bloke had a For Sale sign with a photo of a D Special, after talking for a while he said he also has a Ds 21. The Ds looked good but with the drivers side headlight missing, it still got driven regular. the Ds 21 was for parts.(but going I think)

He said that he had advertised in the Unique Cars mag with no suck sess
as the cars are at Hillston (no rust worries) and people did not want to cart 2 cars (he won't seperate) 1000s of Ks. he also has some other parts and some LHM in a 20 litre drum.

The blokes name is John Mackie and his Phone Number is 02 6967 2241. if your interested give him a ring. $2.000-00 the lot.

Now to adjust my handbrake....with my trusty new workshop manual and Shane and Peters help from the CX Handbrake Thread.

While I have you here, let me tell you that my (sons) CX has passed its roadworthy test, (blue slip) no worries. Though my mechnic did not beleive the VIN was the right one and the engine number should be stamped into the block and not on a riveted plate, but a couple of trips to the local RTA fixed it. Lucky I still had the previous owners rego lable 2002 on the screen with the matching numbers.

Could not resist a quick squirt out the road on the way home from the inspection (still cant afford rego I have a month to save up), First drive and what a drive . I cant wait to do it leagally.

Hoo roo