DS towing weight
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    DS towing weight

    I have bought a non running D in Mt Gambier and am thinking about using my DS23 to tow it back to melb. Does anyone know what the maximum legal towing weight is for a braked trailer on a D?
    The weight of the dead car would be about 1300kg, plus the weight of a hire trailer.


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    Hi Peter,

    with the right towbar the maximum braked trailer is 1800kg in citroen documentation. Having said that though 'legally' it's much less. I've towed my 'D's & CX's behind my CX.

    Personaly I'd find out how much getting it transported here would cost. That's a very long way to tow a car... I usualy try to keep cars I tow home within a couple of hours of Ballarat. Makes life much easier if you have a breakdown :p :p

    You've bought Jakes ID19 wagon have you?? I'd get a permit, hot wire it & drive 'er home... Much safer than towing . Sounds to me like he doesn't know how to set the timing up to get it running (as it was running in the wreck before he pulled the engine).

    Shane L.
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    I wouldn't use a DS now for towing anything heavier than a small box trailer. I know the cars were designed to carry great loads etc but you are talking about an 25+ year old car with who knows how much weakness in the chassis from standard deteriation of metals. NOT criticising your car OR you, just stating the bleeding obvious. (whew, that may fend off some attackers)

    Get the car transported if you can. The few hundred it may cost, would be far better than bending the chassis on your good car, stuffing the engine etc etc.

    My 2 cents
    Craig K
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    Thanks shane and craig, I was not happy about towing the car , but it seemed like the most cost effective option. Quotes for transport were 450 and 600. I have previously towed a DS behind a safari with no bother whatsoever, including driving up and down a 500m hill.
    Today I found a company willing to truck the car for 200, and i will do that.
    Yes youre right shane, i have bought jakes safari.
    I thought about driving it home (only 500k), however when i saw the car the engine was not running, the steering rack and radiator were out, the car had been sitting for 15+ years so the brakes are dodgy at best, and what happens if it springs a hydraulic leak. I might be crazy, but not that stupid !
    If all goes right, I should have the car in the next two or three weeks. I'm still thinking about which part to look at first, every bit seems to need some work.

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