did citroen make any ds21 or 23 efi safaris
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    Icon6 did citroen make any ds21 or 23 efi safaris

    just curious as have never actually seen a fuel injected wagon but would be cool if they were actually made
    anyone know,thanks


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    There were no factory EFI Safaris made at all. All the factory cars were carby, and almost all manual - Hydraulique Safaris are very rare.

    There have been a few conversions of cars in this country - there was one at the British-French car day in Canberra last year - for sale for about $23K if I remember - IMHO a bit too much, but it looked clean.

    There was another EFI Auto Safari that died a death on a RAID when they forgot that EFI cars suck in their air very low, and tried to ford a stream .

    Paul Smith

    1974 DS23 EFI BW Auto
    1974 G Special 1220


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