Replacing AX Speedometer Cable
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    Default Replacing AX Speedometer Cable

    Hey all,

    My AXGT's (Series 2) speedo stopped working recently, altho briefly sprung to life once after that when going around a corner, and I'm guessing the cables going to need replacing.


    I just rang my mechanic, and it's going to cost me a fair amount of dollars to do, as the dash etc needs to be removed..

    Just wondering if anyone out there has done it before and whether its a job I could do myself instead?


    1995 AXGT 1.4i

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    Put the same message on There are loads of UK Ax and the guys there im sure would have done this before.

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    The speedo cable on an AX, like most other citroen cars, comes in 2 parts. There is a short part on the gearbox, about 12 inches long (from memory, I may be wrong) which screws into a longer part that goes through the firewall and into the dash. It would be worth your while to check which part is broken first don't you think? I've had 4 AX's, but they were all series 1 cars, so I can't really help you with how to get the instruments out.
    It really shouldn't be a difficult job though, as long as you have a selection of torx screw drivers. One problem you might have though, is the steering wheel WILL need to be removed. Does the car have an airbag? I've never worked on a car with one, but I know there are important things you need to know about it before you start, to stop the airbag from going off! john s
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