Aussie Accolade for C4 (what next??)
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    Default Aussie Accolade for C4 (what next??)

    C/O ATECO..........


    Australia's leading motoring magazine, Wheels, has crowned the CitroŽn C4
    as the best designed new car in Australia in its first Wheels Automotive
    Design Awards (WADA) announced today (27 July 2005) with the presentation
    of its Gold Award for Outstanding Automotive Design.


    The CitroŽn C4, which arrived in Australia in sedan and coupe forms in
    April this year, beat a host of top new models including the BMW 6 Series,
    the Honda Jazz, the Mazda 3 and 6, Mercedes-Benz A-Class and CLS, Mini
    Cooper S, Volkswagen Golf GTi and Volvo V50 to be voted by the judges as
    WADA overall winner.

    "No other model attracted even a third of the volume of judges' comments,"
    said Wheels in its summing up of the CitroŽn C4. "No rival enticed anything
    approaching the same intensity of tyre kicking and interior assessment.
    Confident and original, inside and out, the C4 effortlessly scooped the
    award by combining outstanding design qualities in disciplines as far
    removed as pedestrian safety, to the fixed sunroof to the fixed hub of the
    steering. It's spacious and stylish, with confident features that enrich
    the driving experience."

    The 11 WADA judges assessed each car entered for the awards on the basis of
    innovation, intelligence of design, visual impact and form, functionality,
    originality, quality and design manufacture, ergonomics, safety and
    environmental considerations.

    The 11 judges includes the present Wheels' editor, Ged Bulmer and former
    editor and motoring journalism legend, Peter Robinson as well as some of
    the country's leading designers and design engineers, including Mark
    Armstrong of BlueSky Creative, John Brown from Design Resource, Paul
    Cockburn, Matt Stanford and Sally Dominguez. The car industry was
    represented by Paul Beranger who has worked for Holden and Nissan before
    moving to head Toyota Style Australia and Chalisa Morrison, who works for
    Mitsubishi. Also on the panel were Janet James, newly appointed editor of
    Belle and former editor of Australian Interiors and the Daily Telegraph's
    Samantha Stevens.

    The judges singled for acclaim a host of features in the CitroŽn C4,

    " The optional all glass roof that "makes the C4's cabin feel light
    and airy"
    " The fixed steering wheel bass with controls around its edge with
    the standard speed limiter.
    " The boomerang headlights that aid the distinctive look
    " The advanced pedestrian protection system
    " The steerable Bi-Xenon headlights
    " The translucent dash-top display that includes "a huge easy to read
    digital speedo.
    " The Coupe's slick 0.28 drag coefficient.
    " The original almost ornate alloy wheels that compliment the body
    edgy minimalism
    " The striking double chevron badge that nearly includes the cooling
    function for the engine that "looks unmistakably CitroŽn, yet fresh and

    "CitroŽn is honoured to receive the inaugural WADA Gold Award winner," says
    Miles Williams, General Manager for CitroŽn in Australia. "The CitroŽn C4
    is without doubt, as the judges have clearly recognized, one of the most
    significant cars in the history of a company renowned for its unique,
    avant-garde products that have lead the way in car design. The CitroŽn C4
    not only demonstrates a clear and decisive return to form, but also that it
    has made the advanced technology and award-winning available at a highly
    affordable price and with the most significant features available on all
    versions. We are proud and honoured to be able to accept this award on
    behalf of Jean-Pierre Plouť and the team that produced this remarkable

    The Citroen C4 range opens at $25,990 for both the Citroen C4 hatchback and
    the Citroen C4 Coupť with the 1.6 litre engine and a manual gearbox. The
    automatic version of the C4 hatchback is priced at $27,990. The range
    toping hatch is powered by the 2.0 litre engine and has a recommended
    retail price of $33,990. The top C4 is Coupe VTS, with a wealth of standard
    equipment and the performance of a 130 kW engine, it is priced at $36,990.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zykyra
    Aussie Accolade for C4 (what next??)
    What next? .. turn them into sales and a whole need breed of Citroen owners hopefully. !

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    This is really great news.....

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    Well deserved accolades.

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