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    Default Xsara Auto Climate Control

    Hi froggers

    This morning I had achallenge with the Climate control in the VTS. I set it on auto 22c, this was find while defrosting the windscreen but once that was clear I turnd the dial to the centre dash vents and after 3-4 seconds the fan cut out. If I put the dial to the up and down or just up or just down it would fireup again to full noise. Anyone have any clues about this?


    2002 Xsara VTS

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    that is most probably because the interior temperature sensor is just below those centre vents. Hence it is probably being fooled into thinking the car is already at a pleasant 22.

    I got an "ICE ALERT" the other day when i left for work and it was 3 degrees. And what is with the fan cutting out when i give the car some stick - is that a loss of vacuum or is it trying to free up some load on the alternator ?

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    I haven't noticed the fan cut out, but I have noticed that switching from the demisting to the forward vents while running the fan speed on auto and at highish temperature (I usually jack it to full heat), the fan speed does reduce considerably. I can only assume that this because of the reason suggested by XsaraVTS, the proxity of temperature sensor in relation to centre vents.


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