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    Bonjour Chaps,

    Just bought my first Citroen, a Berlingo II 8/04 van for work, and I must admit to being more than impressed. Economic, ease in loading and unloading, parking and supprisingly powerful for a 1.4 ltr motor.

    I bought the vehicle from the Adelaide Motor Show last April, it was the one on display and being thus I managed to get a good deal on it. But when I picked it up I was told the Owner Handbook was lost or missing and that they would get me one.

    Well that was 3 month back and it seems no book will arrive, it's no big deal for me but I would like to familiarise myself with the setup of the motor, so does anyone know where I could get a service manual.

    Cheers Ian.


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    There is a service manual for auction on UK Ebay, the seller says he posts to Europe only, but if it's the one you require you could email him and ask if he would post to OZ.

    Berlingo Handbook


    Sorry Ian, I just checked this guys feedback and it's not all that good. Well as you can see, they do come up on ebay from time to time.
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