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    Default Servicing Yourself?

    I've got a Xsara VTS and after the car comes out of the Warranty period (almost out now), I plan on doing most of the servicing stuff myself (fluids, filters, plugs etc) with a check over and any more complex items completed by a dealership. At this stage, I trust myself as an ex-mechanic more than a dealer.
    I've been through the owner's manuals, but the manuals don't say what needs to be done at each km service. Does anyone have servicing manuals or any data on what is done at each service.
    I still plan on getting stuff done at dealerships, but the price they charge for changing oil, filters and brake fluid to name a couple of things can be rediculous in some cases.
    And doing it this way, I should be able to get some better products (oil, filters) to my preference for the same price.


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    Seeing as you live in Ballarat, just take it to the local Citroen dealer

    Seriously though, as your a motor mechanic and own a Citroen, you are now the most experianced Citroen mechanic in Ballarat.

    Just like any other car, change the oil every 10,000kms (or whenever you normally would, maybe you a 6,000, 8,000 etc... kinda guy), cam-belt I'd do at 80,000 just for peice of mind (after all the belts only about $35bux if you DIY). I personally just buy in a stack of Purflux oil filters as they fit all my cars CX, BX, Xantia etc.... Actually that reminds me, I need to re-stock, I used my last oil filter a few weeks back.

    Being a mechanic you'll have a better idea than most what will need to be done and when. Really it's servicing should be little different to any other small car of the same age.

    Shane L.
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    I have got a service book that I could copy for you or try calling the 1800 number and they could probebly send one out to you for a SMALL citroen sized fee

    Pm me your postal address.


    2002 Xsara VTS

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