I want one!!!
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Thread: I want one!!!

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    I want one!!!

    Here's the latest from Sbarro the swiss guy that does strange things to motor cars but boy! aren't some of them unreal :p :p <a href="http://web.ukonline.co.uk/members/jr.marsh/sbarro9.html" target="_blank">http://web.ukonline.co.uk/members/jr.marsh/sbarro9.html</a>


    Alan S
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    ME THREE!!!!!!

    Talk about a people mover!

    People. Get in, belt on, shut up and hang on!!!!!!

    Would certainly reduce the amount of time you would have to listen to "Are we there yet?" from the back seat. Imagine driving the kids to netball or soccer in that. WOOHOO!!

    Craig K
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    Are the French on the right track with "MPV's" or what. Sure, the 'mini-van' may be alive and well in the US, but god love the Frogs for their love to tweak.

    We have had;
    1) Early 90's (?) Renualt Espace with the Williams F1 GP engine - albeit slight de-tuned.
    2) The above Sbarro effort.
    3) New 807 / Citroen shared chassis model that has electric dual doors

    4) plus, a round of applause to VW for the new version of the Kombi.

    Good love it - all I need is the kids to go with it.....................
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