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Received via email yesterday
Greetings from Germany near Cologne

I“m a fanatical Citroen Driver

My Cars:

CX Croisette Turbo Diesel 2,5l 95hp f“rom 1989
Visa Plein Air 1,1L 50hp (very funny car)
BX TZD tecnic Turbo Diesel 90hp from 1993
ZX 1.9 Diesel 64hp from 1993
2CV 6 from 1983
in preparation: Citroen Ami 6

""you should be having a look for the new C5 and C3""

I like seeing that there are so many fans far away from Europe

If you are having some questions for the german citroen population

please send a mail to [email protected]


Next time I will send you some Fotos!!

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