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    Default Xsara Suspension

    Hey guys, if i was to upgrade my wheels to 17inch low profiles, maybe 205/40-45/17???? I would think that I would be looking to lose a lot of my driver comfort and handling......

    any ideas on a good suspension and spring setup?? maybe adjustible coilovers?? or would those be best left to the track cars??


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    i had 215.40 R 17 on my old Xsara. With Eibach Prokit Springs upfront, on orignial shocks. didn't touch the torsion bar.

    he ride was still quite smooth, handling was improved. could onyl really tell the car had bigger wheels when going over bumps/potholes at a reasonable speed.

    otherwise it was still quite smooth.

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    205/40/17 is the perfect replacement size as the speedometer is only affected by less than 1%. In regards to the tyre affecting performance - the 205/40 has a very similar contact patch for the same tyre pressure, but due to the limited sidewall compliance, the back end may break loose with less warning... more snap happy... not necessarily a bad thing though.

    Rim weight will be the big killer. The combined weight of the tyre, rim, hub, brakes and about half(control arm and strut) is all dampened by one device... the shock. Yes you could uprate your shock and spring package to cope or with lightweight rims you can have the added benefit of less rotating inertia which will lead to greater acceleration as well as improved handling.

    I have been throwing this idea around myself. Visually i want 17's. Spiritedly i want the OZ 15" with AvonACB10 tyres. A combined package of not much more than 10kg per corner, far better than standard.

    I also would have chosen to uprate my anti-roll bars before i looked at new springs, torsion bars and shocks.

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