Left rear power window stuck down... HELP!
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    Default Left rear power window stuck down... HELP!

    ok guys, I had all my windows wound down so I could listen for funny noises while driving at low speeds, and now the passenger side rear window won't wind back up! I can't for the life of me work out how to get it to come back up. It wound itself up a little way at first, then it wouldn't go up any further, so i pressed 'down' again, and it went down, but now it won't move at all.

    The motor isn't making any noises, and the switch/connections in the centre console looks fine. I tried pulling up on the glass while pressing the button (in case the motor has just gotten weak) but that did nothing.

    Ideas? All the other windows are working fine.

    '91 BX 16 Valve

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    The switches in the back can get a bit sticky or full of fluff. If you hold you finger on the up side for a while it might click on. Otherwise, if the other side is working OK, pop the switches up through the panel and swop them over. This should get you out of immediate trouble.

    I've have also resuscitated a few switches by getting some contact cleaner from Jaycar, Dick Smith or Altronics over your way, the one with the thin tube that goes in the nozzle. Then soak the inside of the switch through whatever little orifice you can find on the switch and then trigger it while its still wet. Sometimes you get a few zaps as the crud is burned away.

    If you ever need to swop window motor gearboxes around (say if one of the front gearboxes strips its gears) the fronts interchange with the back but on the opposite side ie the passenger rear door motor fits the front drivers side door.

    Good Luck

    Ken W

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    I would have suggested the same thing. happily, the switches are common with pug 405, 309, cit cx, so there should be possibility of getting seconh hand ones. john s
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    You can take the switch apart as it is pretty simple. Some years ago we had a cup of coke spilt in the rear of the BX directly over the window switches. Rear windows soon became recalcitrant. I popped the switches out and cleaned them in water after disassembly and dryed them with the hairdryer and rebuilt them with careful application of a small amount of lubricant.

    They worked fine after that. Then about 12mths later, the ratchet arc on the RR window snapped a couple of teeth! aarrrggghhhh!!

    Fixed that too, but that's another story.
    Craig K
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