Hot Citroňn Reaches Boiling Point
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    Default Hot Citroňn Reaches Boiling Point

    If the CitroŽn C2 VTR, launched in Australia earlier this year, is the hot
    little CitroŽn, then the VTS version to be launched at the Paris Motor Show
    in September must indicate that the C2 has reached boiling point!

    The C2 VTS is fitted with a new 90 kW 1.6i 16V engine, up from the not
    unimpressive 80 kW in the VTR, coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox. To
    handle the extra power, the C2 VTS also boasts an uprated chassis.

    The exterior styling of this new version underlines the sporty character of
    the C2 body style, with colour matched lower front bumper and lower body,
    and a rear spoiler. The car's strong personality is further emphasised by
    special alloy wheels, a chrome tail pipe and VTS badging.

    The passenger compartment features a sporty new design with black seats,
    door handles made from a translucent material in mineral grey, a leather
    steering wheel and an aluminium pedal assembly.

    The C2 VTS is aimed at customers looking for an enjoyable and exciting
    drive. At the same time, this compact sports car sets high standards in
    comfort and safety for everyday use. It is fitted with ESP and
    air-conditioning as standard, along with other features such as fog lamps
    and electrically operated folding door mirrors.

    The new 90 kW 1.6i 16V engine that packs a punch
    The new 1.6i 16V engine develops 90 kW at 6,500 rpm with maximum torque of
    143 Nm at 3,750 rpm, offering high-level performance and driving pleasure.
    Based on the 80 kW 1.6i 16V, this new power plant features a range of
    performance-boosting upgrades concerning:
    - the intake and exhaust valve timing, and new camshafts,
    - a special intake manifold,
    - a new injection system with higher injector flow rates,
    - a new exhaust system and rear silencer.

    The C2 VTS combines a broad operating range with a smooth response at low
    engine speeds. Engine cut-off is at 7,200 rpm.

    The engine is coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The shorter gear
    ratios place the emphasis on power and performance, reflecting the dynamic
    character of the C2. For example, the C2 VTS accelerates from 80 to 120
    km/h in 8.3 seconds in fourth, and in 11.3 seconds in fifth.

    Customised chassis
    The C2 features surefooted roadholding and well balanced handling. To
    increase performance and driving sensations, the VTS version features
    specially modified running gear.

    Compared with the VTR, springing and damping have been deliberately firmed
    up in order to adapt to the sports positioning of the VTS. Features

    - a new anti-roll bar of increased stiffness (diameter of 21 mm
    compared with 20 mm on the VTR),
    - new front and rear springs (spring rate of 45% compared with 55% on
    the VTR at the front, and 55% compared with 70% at the rear).

    The electrically assisted power-steering ratio is quicker: 2.6 turns lock
    to lock, compared with 3 turns on the other C2 models (steering ratio of
    16.2). Designed to effectively position the car when cornering, the
    variable electrically assisted power-steering is responsive at low speeds
    and firms up as the vehicle accelerates.

    The C2 VTS is fitted with new 6.5 inch wide wheels, with new 195/45R16
    Michelin Exalto 2 tyres.

    Safe and fun driving
    The C2 VTS combines exhilarating driving pleasure with a high level of
    performance, and all the active and passive safety features found on the
    C2. The well balanced stability of the C2 VTS is immediately reassuring for
    the driver. Active safety is further enhanced by ESP - fitted as standard -
    which keeps the car on course in the event of a driving error or low grip.
    The ESP function is switchable, allowing the driver to switch it on or off,
    depending on circumstances.

    In terms of passive safety, the C2 turned in a strong performance in
    EuroNCAP tests, receiving 4 stars and 29 points. The score can be
    attributed to the benefits of platform 1 design, and to the wide range of
    safety equipment - including four front and side airbags - fitted on the C2
    as standard.


    Exterior styling: designed with sport in mind
    The C2 is a car full of character, with clean, sharp lines symbolised by
    the deep-cut side windows. Its unique personality and dynamic looks provide
    the ideal basis for a sporting model.

    The C2 VTS sports the same exterior trim parts as the C2 VTR, with painted
    parts on the lower front bumper and lower body, as well as a rear spoiler.
    These features underline the sporty body style of the C2.

    The VTS version can be recognised by its new 16-inch wheels, which give the
    car an even stronger on-road stance. The C2 VTS rounds off its sporty
    styling with a chrome tail pipe and VTS badge.

    Coinciding with the launch of the C2 VTS, a new body colour - Aden Red -
    is making its appearance in the range. This is the official colour of
    CitroŽn Sport.

    Interior styling: sporty and sophisticated
    The interior of the C2 VTS features a new colour scheme with black seats
    and translucent door handles in a shade of mineral grey.

    This version is also available with the three two-tone upholstery colour
    schemes offered on the VTR. These colour schemes highlight the amber blue
    and green inserts on the seat side supports and the translucent door

    The VTS interior boasts a range of special features that reflect its
    sporting character:
    - leather steering wheel,
    - gearlever with an aluminium knob,
    - mineral grey surround at the base of the gear lever,
    - aluminium pedal.
    A driving position suitable for all body shapes
    The C2 VTS is easy to handle, thanks to ergonomic controls and a driving
    position that adapts to all body shapes. The steering wheel is adjustable
    over 40 mm for height and reach, the driver's seat is adjustable over 50 mm
    for height, and the front seats are designed to slide over a distance of
    230 mm. As a result, drivers of all shapes or sizes can find the ideal
    driving position.

    A welcoming passenger compartment with new comfort equipment
    High standards of onboard comfort make the C2 VTS a great car for everyday
    use. The cabin is welcoming, with more room at the front than most other
    cars in this segment. The seats, which are the same as on the C2 VTR,
    combine postural comfort and cornering support. The rear independent
    sliding seats can be folded down easily in order to provide as much space
    as required at the rear. Like the C2, the C2 VTS features a split opening
    tailgate, for easy access to the boot in all circumstances.

    The C2 VTS also features a wide range of equipment including fog lamps,
    electrically operated folding door mirrors and air conditioning as

    With its powerful 90 kW 1.6i 16V engine, remarkable roadholding, wide range
    of equipment and sporty looks, the C2 VTS will attract the most demanding
    customers looking for a dynamic drive.

    Availability of the CitroŽn C2 VTS for the Australian market has yet to be
    confirmed, but it could not arrive in Australia until late 2005 at the


    CitroŽn C2: Technical Specifications
    Model/Version C2 1.6i 16V C2 1.6i 16V
    Gearbox SensoDrive 5-spd manual
    Fiscal rating 6 7
    Type TU5JP4 TU5JP4S Euro IV
    Number of cylinders 4 4
    Bore - Stroke (mm) 78.5 - 82 78.5 - 82
    Capacity (cm3) 1.587 1.587
    Max power EEC (kW-rpm) 80 - 5,750 90 - 6,500
    Max power DIN (bhp-rpm) 110 - 5,750 125 - 6,500
    Max torque EEC (Nm-rpm) 147 - 4,000 143 - 3,750
    TRANSMISSION Speed in km/h for1,000 rpm
    1st 7.9 7.26
    2nd 13.84 12.72
    3rd 19.75 18.15
    4th 25.61 23.53
    5th 31.62 29.06

    Reverse 8.13 8.01
    Type: front - rear 195 / 45 R16 195 / 45
    Rolling circumference (mm) 1.772 1.772
    Steering ratio 17.8 / 1 16.2 / 1
    Turns lock to lock: 2.8 2.6
    Turning circle: kerbs - walls (m) 10.73 - 11
    10.73 - 11
    Type Front: MacPherson type strut with anti-roll bar - Rear:
    flexible transverse beam and anti-roll bar
    Front - Rear: D = disc / VD = ventilated disc / Dr = drum
    VD - D VD - D
    Diameter of discs or drums (mm): front - rear 266 - 247 266 - 247
    Length - Width (mm) 3,666 - 1,659 3,666 -
    Height - Wheelbase (mm) 1,461 - 2,315 1,461 - 2,315
    Track: front - rear (mm) 1,439 - 1,439
    Boot length: seats (min/max) - seats folded (mm) 334 / 434 - 993
    Load volume (VDA): rear seats min/max (dm3) 166 / 224
    Load volume: rear seats folded (dm3) 879
    WEIGHTS (kg)
    Kerb weight (EEC min) - Total when loaded 1,055 - 1,430
    1,045 - 1,394
    Gross train weight (GTW) 1.880
    Payload 375
    Towing weight: unbraked - braked 450 - 565
    450 - 565
    Max on hook - roof rack 25 - 60
    CAPACITIES (litres)
    Fuel tank 41 41
    Cd 0.31
    S - Cd.A (m2) 2.073 - 0.643
    PERFORMANCE (seconds)
    0-400m 17.5 16.1
    0-1,000 m 32.3 29.8
    0 to 100 km/h 10.9 8.3
    Top speed (km/h) 195 202
    CONSUMPTION (l/100 km)
    Urban 8.3 9.3
    Extra-urban 5.2 5.4
    Mixed 6.3 6.9
    CO2 (g/km) 151 163

    For further information:
    CitroŽn Australia Media Web Site:

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    It weighs 30kg's less than my BX

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    Thats a very quick little machine indeed....

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    You'll find another thread here with plenty of replies: Citroen C2 VTS Announced.


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