To flush or not to flush
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    Default To flush or not to flush

    So I removed the engine from the CX 18 months ago to change a knackerd clutch throwout bearing. In my usual style this small job has ballooned into a fairly complete refurbish/clean/paint just about everything under the bonnet that is now more easily accessible.

    All of the hydraulic components have been removed, spheres regassed and are currently stored in plastic bags under the car.


    The hydraulic system will need some extensive and careful bleeding to remove all air on re-assembly. Over the last few years I have rebuilt all of the suspension, steering and brakes - cleaning and fitting new seals as I went. The car appears to have been well cared for throughout its entire life by specialists. There is enough evidence to suggest that routine maintenance such as changing the hydraulic fluid was done when scheduled. Despite this, there are plenty of places in the hydraulic system that are still original - never been touched since the car left the factory 25 years ago.

    I am wondering if it is worth running some hydraulic flush in the system for a while when I put the car back together.

    Do any of you have any experience to suggest that the hydraulic sytem works better after being flushed even though it had no apparent problems before hand. I am not very keen to use Dexron - so I would try to get some proper hydraflush.

    All comments and suggestions welcome.
    Robert Thorne
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    Hi Rob,

    I used Dexron III in my CX turbo recently, I was bloody stunned at the sh!t it managed to bring back to the reseviour (I guess it's thicker and is full of detergents). This CX has nice green LHM in it too (Not the black seperated sh!t like I found in the Xantia). I ran if for about 3000miles, by the time I switched back to LHM the whole car felt slugish, it'd run out of power steering, take forever to rise etc, etc...

    After cleaning all the sludge from the reseviour, bleeding heaps of LHM through the brakes and ABS block the hydraulics have behaved brilliantly.

    In the short term I seriously doubt Dexron will do any damage, after all, everyone has been using it the US for 30+years in DS's. I sure if you left it in for years though it would wear the hydraulic components to the point where you couldn't go back to the thinner LHM.

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