Citroen recalls 138,000 Xsara Picasso MPVs
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    Default Citroen recalls 138,000 Xsara Picasso MPVs

    Citroen recalls 138,000 Xsara Picasso MPVs

    PARIS, June 3 (AFP) - Citroen, a unit of French car group PSA Peugeot Citroen, said Thursday it is recalling about 138,000 Xsara Picasso cars to remedy a fault in the fuel tank which can cause a problem when starting the vehicle.


    Citroen said the recall was a matter of "service not safety" and had been launched in February, even though some French customers are only now being informed.

    The work on the car is being performed for free, the company said, although details of the costs involved were not given.

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    This is something you'd expect to hear about the usual Ford, Holden - or Japanese car..

    But kinda upsetting to hear Citroen get it wrong..

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    Default Recall Campaigns

    You need to read between the lines here - they have had a program going for months and it has now become public. Believe it - all manufacturers (bar none) have problems but if they could keep them hidden they would.

    In Australia we have laws on safety-related problems or defects (no matter how minor) that require manufacturers to advertise them in a certain way - you may have noticed that all these ads are very similar - so we tend to hear more about the problems with locally sold cars - they are forced to make it public.
    I don't know if there needs to be a minimum number of cars sold in Australia before these rules apply, but as far as I know, if the problem occurs on cars sold here then they must follow the rules.

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    Citroen have quietly recalled all the C5s with steel wheels in Australia, and given the owners new tyres as well. There are lots of recalls that are kept fairly quiet.

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