Bingo 1.4i TU3JP MAF sensor
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    Default Bingo 1.4i TU3JP MAF sensor

    can anyone tell me where the Mass Air Flow sensor is on my 1999 Bingo 1.4i

    found the air temp sensor, throttle position sensor, idle control solenoid and the MAP sensor, but for the life of me i cannot see a MAP sensor

    also knock sensor is falling to pieces, what happens if i run the car without it while i wait for a new one?


    thanks in advance


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    If it is a petrol, then it probably doesn't have a MAF sensor as the ECUs can run quite nicely on just a MAP sensor and some throttle position info.

    The knock sensor protects against poor fuel so just run 95 or 98 fuel until you have replaced it.

    Cheers, Ken

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    Ken would it not just run quite retarded (thus quite gutless) until the sensor is replaced? I'd imagine this to be the fail safe position, but I'm only guessing.

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    My Berlingo's knock sensor fell apart too. I learned that there's only about 4 types of knock sensor for all cars and if memory serves, the knock sensors Nissan use are the same as the Berlingo. If you take the old one to a wreckers and walk around you can replace it quickly and probably cheaply. Alternatively you can get one on eBay for $5 in 3 weeks.

    Edit: I've gone through my eBay purchase history to find the one I bought (which worked fine, checked with Lexia). Here's the list of part numbers and cars it works on (which you'll find at any wrecker):

    • Fitment: for Nissan 200SX/240SX/300ZX/ Altima/ Pickup/ Frontier/ Maxima/ NX/ Pathfinder/ Quest/ Sentra/ SE-R/ Xterra
    • Fitment: for Mercury Villager
    • Fitment: for Infiniti G20/I30/J30/M30/Q45/QX4
    • Manufacturer Part number: 22060-30P00 / 2206030P00
    • Interchange Part Number: 213-1818, 5S2217, 1904-19804 , S8619, KS24, KS79
    • Other Part Number: AS10148-11B1, 144-220, 29000, WA1711, AS10148-11B1
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