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Thread: Seller's Remorse

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    Default Seller's Remorse

    I have just sold my Xm Series II, known to one and all as Clement, and am regretting it. Regretted it from the second I sealed the deal.

    It was basically a very sound car with a few cosmetic issues - paint and discharged aircon plus a few minor electrical problems.

    I know I could have had it repainted and repaired it, but then I would have a new paint job and air-conditioning system surrounded by a 22 year old car. Sigh. I would like to thank the boys at Continental Cars for keeping it on the road way after Citroen Australia (boo) stopped supporting the model and Fellow Froggers for various pieces of advice and encouragement over the years.

    Clement has gone to a car enthusiast in his home state of Victoria. I wish him many happy kilometres in Clement. I have purchased a 2015 C5 HDi as a replacement, but am struggling.

    There used to be a sales slogan "Nothing moves you like a Citroen". I can say that nothing moved me like an Xm.

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    Current Citroen - : 2012 C5 HDi Exclusive; C4 Cactus (Mrs SMM)

    Previous Citroens: 1997 Xm Exclusive Series II, 2007 C4 VTR, 2006 C5, 1991 Xm Series 1, 1999 Xsara 1.8, 1988 Bx TRI

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    I understand what you say..
    My XM is what I term a "slow burner"..I wasn't really fussed on it at first, but it has wormed it's way into my heart & I just adore it now. The ride, the look, that "I can do anything" feel about it when travelling on a coutry road..Remarkable car indeed.

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    They really are a highway cruiser that just eats up the km in comfort. I do miss ours and its carrying capacity.
    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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    I feel your pain..
    I'm rapidly reducing my fleet, and with what should be a sense of liberation is more so a sense of loss.

    One puts so much potential optimism into these vehicles that it is only natural that there is a grieving process in their moving on..

    Rationality aside, the heart knows what the heart wants...Selling my 2cv, CX, and Bx's were not at all just transactional.!!
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