While clearing out some magazines, I found this Motor compilation for the London Motor Show.


PEUGEOT Stand 136 London Motor Show 1957 Oct. 16 to 22.

Familyman’s favourite in France, the Peugeot 403 has a special appeal for the enthusiasts in this country, by reason of lively 1 ˝ -Litre performance and excellent handling qualities.

The 1,290 c.c. Peugeot 203 Saloon is one of the longest lived of all post-war models, having built up a solid core of enthusiastic followers which is not yet exhausted as the 203 embarks on its tenth year of production.

Amongst those preferring more performance and carrying capacity, and modern appearance, an equal reputation has been established in the last year or two by the 403. Enlarged to 1 ˝ litres, but following the same efficient design with inclined overhead valves, the 403 engine delivers 58 b.h.p and is an extremely lively car well suited to the fast and long journeys which are possible in France. An overdrive top gear located in an unorthodox position in the steering column “gate” makes it particularly at home where the roads are either very open or so winding as to require the constant use of lower gears. Exceptional roadworthiness and pleasant handling have nevertheless found several adherants to the marque even in English conditions.
203 1.3 litres 45 b.h.p four door saloon. 403 1.5 litres 58 b.h.p. ; four door saloon Concessionaires: Distributors Peugeot Ltd. 127 High Street Croydon , Surrey
Interesting this was also the year that the EDSALL made its appearance at the London Motor Show.