C5 x7 deisile fuel cap
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Thread: C5 x7 deisile fuel cap

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    Icon5 C5 x7 deisile fuel cap

    Refuelling last night and the cap has been difficult always but this time stuck key in and the cap just came of immediately but then when putting it back on it will not lock into place . Anyone else had this happen .
    If the cap actually keyed to the car or is it just the key blade that disengages it . Would a new cap just fit or do I need to get it via vin or key code ?
    Questions questions

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    They are coded with only a couple of tumblers easy to swap the lock cylinder out

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    I had that problem early on with C5 1. Once the key was removed, a quick short squirt of INOX down the barrel prevented the problem happening again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UFO View Post
    I had that problem early on with C5 1. Once the key was removed, a quick short squirt of INOX down the barrel prevented the problem happening again.
    Had a similar experience when filling the car tank soon after taking ownership, must have turned the key when removing cap heard click and could not remove key or refit filler cap!

    Paid for fuel and explained dilemma to cashier, (car is now stuck blocking pump access at a busy time) after several minutes fiddling I worked out the clip mechanism and released the key.

    Very careful now when removing filler cap. . .

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