Citroen C5 Suspension rises at 40km/h and won't lower again
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Thread: Citroen C5 Suspension rises at 40km/h and won't lower again

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    Default Citroen C5 Suspension rises at 40km/h and won't lower again

    Apologies for the teething problems with the new Citroen, thank you everyone for all your help and advice, much appreciated. The car had now developed a problem, when it accelerates above 40k/h the suspension rises at front and back and stays in a high position. The only way to lower it is to stop the car and use the buttons on the centre console to lower it. Any suggestions or ideas of causes or how to fix it ?



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    That sounds really weird. I suppose it was working OK for a few days after you picked it up.

    Usually if you start at normal setting and put it to the intermediate higher setting, it will go back to normal height if you go over 40km/hr.

    Maybe it has got confused. Turn it all off with drivers window down, open the bonnet and wait until it all goes to sleep ie display goes blank, windows stop working etc. Then lift up the quick release flap to disconnect the battery and leave it disconnected for 30 minutes. Then reconnect the battery wait for a minute and then try it out again. You will have to reset the time and date.

    If that doesn't work, you will need invoke your warranty if you have one, or find someone with a Lexia or Diagbox who can check the electronics to see what is happening.

    Cheers, Ken
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    2002 wonít have any meaningful warranty how high is it going because if itís set to one down or lowest position it will automatically go to home position as said above when you set the height you drive off with what is displayed on the centre screen it should be an big arrow in the car not 10kph or 40kph you cannot run at speed at low or high settings , over the years some people adjust the height sensors to run high or low

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