D Special self levelling headlights
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Thread: D Special self levelling headlights

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    Default D Special self levelling headlights

    Dear brains trust

    I finally got round today to attempting repairs to the self levelling headlights on my D special. The cables to the front and rear anti-roll bars had broken.

    My first problem has been in threading the rear cable through the pipe that runs under the car and into the engine bay. It stops and simply refuses to go any further with only around 15cm left. I have checked the pipe - there seems no obvious pinch point or deformation that would block the wire. I have tried from the other direction, just in case there is accumulated grease/dirt, but again canít seem to find the problem.

    My second problem has been in working out just where on the front anti-roll bar the hook at the end of the wire should go! Very frustrating, and I canít seem to find any guidance from the various manuals...

    In the midst of all this a rear suspension boot decided to split open today, so replacing that took up a couple of hours distraction from the two tasks above. Sigh.

    Any advice would be gratefully received!



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    it is there in the manuals; operation 540-0 nearing the end of 814-1. The instructions look more complicated on paper than they actually are.

    Do check that the various pivots and connectors and rods are in place; it seems VERY common for the self-levelling to have been disabled (or butchered) by previous owners.

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    if you can gat an air hose onto the pipe it might help blow some crap out, or loosen the brackets that hold the pipe in place and keep wriggling the cable through. I had to cut a section of pipe out to pass cable through and resleeve as their was a ding in pipe. right up the front end but underneath still. They accumulate alot of crud too over the years I noticed.

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    I replaced mine with new brake line - threaded the wire then bent it to shape and installed it. High tensile zinc plated wire put in with graphite powder.
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