C4 hatch 2006 replacement shocks
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    Default C4 hatch 2006 replacement shocks


    The ride in our C4 hatch has been degrading lately and it feels like the shocks are in need of replacement. It's going in for a service in a few days and I will get them checked out.


    What are the options and recommendations for replacement shocks? A quick search has only come up with Monroe - is there anything else out there to consider?


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    I can find KYB on Ebay.

    we fitted KYB to my partner's SB Barina. The originals weren't stuffed, but they didn't seem as good as we remembered. We had them looked at a couple of times but the suspension people we asked said they were OK.
    Unconvinced, we asked around more, one place said they were "still OK but getting tired" and recommended KYB replacements. They transformed the car, the changeover confirmed the old ones were indeed clapped out.

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