I had a water leak from the front RHSof the car (2013 DS5 turbo petrol with 73k km) and it was prettyobvious that it was the windscreen washer, although I couldn't seewhere the leak came from until I removed the front bumper. That wasnot a trivial procedure. I got hung up on separating the outer topfrom the forward projection of the fender above the headlamp. If theinstructions had said- ďmove tang sideways towards middle of carĒinstead of ďremove clipĒ I might not have had so much trouble.The leak came from one of the headlamp washer lines about 5cm abovethe connection to the pump - the ribbed plastic pipe had worn whereit rubbed against the bodywork. It seems pretty obvious that theheadlamp line runs at higher pressures than the windscreen, whichuses normal rubber lines. I didn't want to risk replacing it withnormal rubber, so opted for a 5mm ID fuel line hose. To get anoriginal pipe would have required buying a new headlamp pump. I don't think I have ever operated the headlamp washers so I think myrepairs will be ok.


While I had the front of the car off itseemed a good time to remove the insects from the intercooler and A/Ccondenser. Quite therapeutic really, sitting on a stool for hourswith a toothpick. I even straightened up some of the fins, and gaveit a bit of a wash down with a hand pressure sprayer. The interior ofthe intercooler looked a bit oily so I removed it and drained the oilout. It was very black but there was probably only a few tablespoons.I gave it a flush out with a bit of kerosene. I have fitted oil catchcans to the breather pipes on the left and right ends of the engineso I'm hoping that this will reduce the amount of oil getting to theintercooler. They have drain valves fitted but the LHS one obviouslydoesn't work because I found a 20cm diameter pool of brown oily stuffon the garage floor the morning after a 70km fast run to the airportand back. I had the inlet valves walnut blasted at 70k km and don'twant to have to repeat that performance for quite a while. The finalbit of obsessive behaviour was completed by the fitting of 2mmstainless steel mesh in front of the intercooler and condenser.