2015 C4 Picasso - a couple of issues
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    Default 2015 C4 Picasso - a couple of issues

    I had my 2015 C4 Picasso serviced last week by the independent French car specialist I've been using since the Inchcape dealership reshuffle. My Picasso has travelled roughly 30,000 km.

    The two issues I thought I'd share with anyone interested relate to the auto trans and tyres.

    ATF: I am currently having the ATF drained and refilled whenever I have the car serviced (every 6 months/ approx 5,000 km). I think about 2 litres of ATF (about 1/3 of the total capacity) is removed when the fluid is drained.

    We're trying to get the ATF stabilised at a colour as near as possible to the 'fresh out of the box' red. The mechanic is using the correct Aisin fluid. He reported at last week's change that prior to draining the ATF, it was at the low end of the 'full range', so when he refilled it, he added the amount drained plus 250ml.

    Prior to the service, I had noticed that there was a small amount of noise from the transmission when in 3rd gear. It is perceptibly quieter with the 'refill plus 250ml'. Not a big deal, but I thought it worth sharing.

    Tyres: in an effort to improve the car's ride, especially around town, when passing over small irregularities in the road surface, I have fitted 215-60x16 tyres to the C4 Picasso instead of the standard 205-55x17s. I have also tended to maintain the pressures at about 30 psi all round, with the same objective.

    Following the service the mechanic advised me of the low tyre pressures and he said he had reset them to 38 psi. I consciously monitored the ride on my way home - and I've done so since. Frankly, I find the ride at the higher pressures preferable to the lower pressure. The ride is a little firmer, but not unduly so: however, the real improvement is the disappearance of the jelly-like wobble when passing over street crossing repairs and the like. Of course the steering is also a lot more precise.


    I suspect these findings won't surprise many of those knowledgeable about these things. Again, I thought my observation worth reporting.


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    Wow - 6 months/5000 kms is certainly mothering it.
    Mine driven conservatively (on E10!) gets new oil annually and itís still pretty clean even then. Now around 35,000 and I canít think of anything I could complain about.

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    What gearbox are we talking about? There is no dipstick to read a "range". Red implies a full auto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seasink View Post
    What gearbox are we talking about? There is no dipstick to read a "range". Red implies a full auto.
    Iím with you I think somebodyís being bsed to just one more thing changing the oil at that frequency could result in more wear because when the oil is changed and if you are doing it correctly you should be resetting the auto adaptives and in the 1 to 2 k this takes the gearbox isnít running at its optimum settings ie line pressure and activation times

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    That is way over servicing especially if using correct grade synthetic oils. Follow the service guide and you will be on the money. Correct specification oils (no it doesn't have to be Total) and undertaken by a certified mechanic and you will be in compliance with warranty specifications.
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