C5 X7 Australian OE towbar fitting instructions needed
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    Default C5 X7 Australian OE towbar fitting instructions needed

    I've been looking for a towbar for my 2010 C5 X7 2.0 HDi for a while (yes, I know all about the hopeless towing capacity, it'll only be towing a 3000kg tandem off road van ) and have bought a used one from a late model 2.2 HDi.

    It's the Australian 'factory' receiver-hitch bar (ie Best Bars NZ made it) with the late factory 13-pin 9428F7 loom. I know the loom is the right one, I just hope there's no crucial difference in the bar itself.

    Does anyone still have the fitting instructions for the bar and/or the wiring loom they could scan? I looked online ages ago and could only find aftermarket loom instructions.

    Although I tried to keep a close eye on how the guy removed the towbar from the car, there was a lot of wrecking parts as he went (like ripping off the rear bar) and I missed some of what he was doing while looking for the towbar door jamb sticker.

    The larger plug for the towing BCM would not fit though the aperture in the rear sill so he had to cut open the sill a little to get it through unscathed. Obviously not the factory method of getting the job done! My guess is the plug comes dismantled and you put it together once threaded through.

    I'm sure I'll figure it out without the instructions but it'd be handy to have them....

    I know about setting up for towing in Lexia, I have the computer/software/Lexia hardware for that... just need to get it all bolted up properly first.

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