Well, thanks (!?) to CAM85, I am now the proud (!?) owner of one hail damaged Xantia V6.......
It is a white 99 model previous rego AGQ94R (NSW). Does anyone recognise it?

I was able to get it VERY cheap, so I have some room to move on spending money on it.

The engine sounds pretty crisp and it has 177k on it with a cam belt change at 123k, so it has had SOME maintenance.
It joins my 205Si and 205 DTurbo here in Victoria, and my BX 19 TGD in Pommieland, so it does look as though I have a bad case of FrenchCarItis........

I am currently trying to download a manual from easymanuals.co.uk which is a massive file, so hopefully, it will have more information than the Haynes manual which doesn't appear to cover the V6.
I'll let you all know how that goes........

If anyone recognises this car, I'd be keen to know its history.


Watch this space!