For those who are interested in this sort of thing, everybodies (least) favourite car host, Jeremy Clarkson, takes a new Citroën C3 Aircross for a spin towards the end of the latest episode of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.


(The Grand Tour is where Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May went after the BBC sacked Clarkson from Top Gear. It’s much the same schtick as Top Gear, but Clarkson is even more obnoxious (just when you thought it wasn’t possible!))

In the segment, Clarkson answers the important questions: can a C3 Aircross drive faster than itself? (this one is quite clever); Is it easy to park? Can it pull a 13,000 tonne ship? Is it big enough to fit Angelina Jolie’s kids? (A pretty distasteful segment...); Is the boot big enough for a horse? Would it work for the French Police? (Oh god the awful clichés... but a pretty spectacular chase with a De Tomaso Pantera around a French town); and Could a Tunisian General use it to invade Italy? (Where the traction control systems are given a pretty good “review.”)

It’s Season 3 episode 9 for those with Amazon Prime subscriptions; can’t find a YouTube link.

To be fair, Clarkson probably just sold more C3 Aircrosses than any proper TV ad campaign....