2CV Wheel bearings
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Thread: 2CV Wheel bearings

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    Default 2CV Wheel bearings

    Feeling a sense of achievement today.

    As part of the preparations to take Gaston to Cit-In in a month I pulled the rear hubs off to check, and adjust, the brakes.

    In doing so I remembered that I hadn't actually replaced the bearings when I first put Gaston on the road, so, given I've got a new set in the cupboard, I thought it was time to replace them.

    They're held in the hub by a threaded ring which needs a special tool to remove it. I made this tool quite a while back so with judicious application of the impact wrench I was able to unscrew them both. One of them seemed to still have the original factory staking on it and Boy, was it tight!

    Being cautious, I decided to clean up the threads with a thread file before trying the rings back in their hubs, since the staking tends to distort the threads a little. They were still quite tight and binding in places.

    It was then I remembered an old trick taught to me by a very handy bloke who lived next door many years ago when I first started out tinkering with such things.

    Putting the special tool in the vyce I started the ring in the thread, then applied a "finger full" (New SI unit?) of valve grinding paste to the threads. Gradually winding the drum onto the ring, and moving it back and forth as I did so, resulted in the threads smoothing out beautifully. The tight bits gradually disappeared as I went through this process. Thanks Harry for teaching me that one!

    A clean up to get all of the grinding paste off, add some anti-seize, press in the new bearing and seal and the ring went in as easily as falling off a log.

    A BIG tighten up (supposed to be over 200 ft lbs!) with the impact wrench and a check with the torque wrench, before staking it in place with a punch and we're ready to put the nice, smooth running hubs back on. But not before setting up and adjusting the rear brakes.


    Refining the rather crude centering tool I made a while back is next, then I can go ahead and sort the stoppers out.

    Considering it's been up to 37 degrees today, I'm feeling quite chuffed to have achieved this.

    Just had to share!

    Cheers, Pottsy.
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    Sense of achievement is well deserved. Nifty little trick with the valve grinding paste. I took the easy way out and bought new ring nuts for the GSA.
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    I am about to have mine done on my everyday 2CV. While I am at it, I will replace the brake cylinders, the brake shoes and new brake drums with wheel bearing already inserted. Being the last of the French built 2CVs (1986 Dolly), this is probably the first time this has been done.


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