Parlez-vous Francais. Lucky you. Wheeler Dealer France 2CV
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    Default Parlez-vous Francais. Lucky you. Wheeler Dealer France 2CV


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    A lot of this is self-explanatory because of its images, and is worth a look.

    Apparently the French have no term themselves for "wheeler dealer", so they have adopted the English term. The host is on a quest for his version of the Holy Grail, to find an early model as possible, still driveable, for a maximum of 4500€.

    He find the French version of Arthur Daley, except this guy specialises in Dershes. The car had been attacked with a swiss army knife and the paintwork looks like it was done by Brett Whitely. This particular one does not have a dashboard clock, it has a dashboard calendar, and would not pull the skin off a custard.

    Unlike The Bachelor, he does chose it, and gets it for 4k. Again unlike, he gets to take it home, and restores it. Did not watch the rest of it as had to go and clip my toenails.

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